History class Haiku's*

In a vain attempt to fight off the urge to sleep today in my History of Renaissance Europe class, I wrote down a page full of Haiku's.
        What do you mean, "So what?"
                You're bored enough to be reading this, right?
                        So just scroll down and read some of the better ones.
                                You might even laugh...

Where did the plague go?
I wish it would come back soon
That would amuse me.


Wish I were a pirate
I would eat lots of lemons.
So I wouldn't get scurvy.


Sandal-wearing idiot
Doesn't ever close his dang mouth.
Hope the plague gets him.


Vegetables are tasty.
Why are they all green colored?
Corn has no value.


Writing keeps me awake.
My mind wanders from this crap.
Wish I owned a turtle.


Ten minutes are left.
Here come more meaningless slides
Look, yet another church.


No Matthew, shut your mouth.**
The pillars don't stand for saints.
They are just designs, genius.


Foot falling asleep
Lucky foot can sleep all the time.
Wish I was a foot.




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*Not that I'm a big fan of haiku's, but I remember them following a format of 5-7-5 from 8th grade English class.
**Yes, I know that some of these have six syllables where there should be five.  Just say it fast, Sparky.